This is our collaborative report about the 12th World Soft-Tennis Championships in Hiroshima, Japan. The name of our society is The Art ( s ) of Soft-Tennis ( AST ), which is originating from the word of the arts of tennis. When one of the most famous professional tennis coaches, Bob Brett, who has earlier coached Boris Becker and Goran Ivanisevic, came to Japan to participate in the Shuzo Matsuokas tennis camp for Japanese junior players, he used the textbook entitled "The Arts of Tennis". As the word of "The Arts of Tennis" sounded very nice and attractive, so we decided to call ourselves AST.
The aims and scopes of AST are to make the information on Soft-Tennis open to the public via the internet, explore the possibilities of Soft-Tennis, and discuss about various matters on Soft-Tennis so as to improve the present condition and make new things, etc. For example, we sometimes play Soft-Tennis with Korean ball which is easily changeable in order to feel the difference of the ball between Japanese and Korean. And also we sometimes try the new techniques seen in the international games of Soft-Tennis.
As we have a limited ability in English, we are sorry that we could not write this report in English. However photos of players who participated in the 12th World Soft-Tennis Championships will be inserted, so please visit the site this report is located.
The name of this report "" ( its pronunciation is KIBA ) means fang, and indicates the whole impression we could feel during the championships.
We do hope you to keep our message written below in you mind:
Share the games with everyone who loves Soft-Tennis.